About US

MOJO patrakar run by an Honourable venture named CircusInc.
CircusInc operates in three verticals CircusInc entertainment, CircusInc media and CircusInc communication.

A platform of truth, a platform to raise the voice, we stand strong against the injustice. An entirely new face of the journalism, MOJO Patrakar. MOJO word is basically derived from the Mobile: “MO” Journalism: “JO”.

With the vision to bring the real essence of news to the public, MOJO patrakar takes the responsibility as the fourth and newest member of the Media after Print, Electronic and Digital. Since a long time Print and Electronic Media had taken over the field with lots of drawbacks associated with it, but people were helpless to use these Media.

Though Print Media is the oldest form of Media but Timing and Flexibility are the major drawbacks of Print Media. There is no way of getting an Immediate news from Print Media, it takes at least a day to print the news. Similarly, Electronic Media face the challenge of limited slot timing due to which the news get killed to make it firm and crisp, which is one of the major drawback of Media. And with the advancement of Internet, Digital Media spread over the market. But due to lack of ground reporters and networks in Digital Media the coverage of all the information and news has become difficult.

Now MOJO Patrakar arrives with the newest idea of work and ground reporters in Media. MOJO do not rely on heavy technological assets, rather it makes the journalism easy and to the reach of entire population including the Rural population. All you need is the Mobile Phone and passion for Journalism. MOJO has no limitations of slots like Electronic Media, our focus is not to generate or create the news but present the reality of what and how it is.

With the requirement of less technological assets MOJO also fulfill the drawback of ground reporters. In fact we are associated with thousands of ground reporters and is the largest growing media network. Anyone having a mobile phone and a piece of information can be a ground reporter to MOJO. To blown off the layer of the fake news and to give the exact news, MOJO Patrakar is all set to bring the new era of information, to increase the reach of the Media.

We are ready to showcase all the News irrespective of Caste, creed, gender and geographical aspects. We as the newest form of Media will stand on the expectations of the reader and viewer. We, MOJO Patrakar will be the revolution of the Information and Media.